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Will my dentures look real and fit correctly?

Modern dentures and partial dentures are designed to look natural and fit your mouth comfortably, and it is our goal to exceed this design promise for each and every patient.

At NuLife Dental, the denture process always begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your oral health and aesthetic needs.

Following this, our dentist prepares your gums for removable dentures or implant denture placement. We also take a custom mold of your mouth and rely on the latest technologies to ensure that this mold is accurate before your custom denture is created.

On-Site Denture Lab

At NuLife Dental, we have a denture laboratory inside our Orlando, FL dental practice. This means our dentist is able to supervise the denture or partial denture creation process, and she always keeps close tabs throughout the custom creation, asking for or making adjustments as needed.

Additionally, we offer three different types of full dentures to fit every budget, dentures that may provide unique benefits that are important to you.

Apart from removable dentures, we also offer implant dentures, which are dentures affixed to your jaw with small implant posts.

Contact Our Dental Office

If you have questions about dentures or would like to schedule an appointment to begin the denture or partial denture process, contact our dental office today. At NuLife Dental, we provide the most natural-looking and comfortable dentures around!

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