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Why do I need a dental crown instead of a filling?

At NuLife Dental, we recommend a filling for a smaller cavity, but sometimes a filling is not enough when dealing with a large area of decay or a bigger cavity. This is when dental crowns are recommended.

A large or deep cavity requires the dentist to remove a lot of tooth structure to clear away decay and bacteria and create clean margins for restoration. This substantial clearing compromises the stability of the tooth, and a crown is the only way to restore that stability.

Significant root cavities that require a root canal can also leave a tooth vulnerable to breakage at a later point, which is another reason a crown may be recommended.

A crown is a tooth-shaped cap that goes on over a damaged tooth to restore, strengthen, and keep the tooth viable.  

In addition to making a tooth stronger, dental crowns accomplish the following:

  • Hide a discolored tooth
  • Hide small chips
  • Improve the appearance or height of a damaged or worn down tooth

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