Dentures and Partial Dentures in Orlando, FL

Whether you’re considering dentures or partial dentures (or in need of a replacement appliance), at NuLife Dental, we offer several denture and partial denture packages to fit your restoration needs.

Craft your New Smile

Losing teeth can have a detrimental impact on your well being and on your dietary selectionwhen teeth are missing chewing is difficult.

In our Orlando, FL dental office, we understand the emotional impact and dietary limitations that come with tooth loss.

The good news is that we have an in-house denture laboratory and can prepare your denture or partial denture right here in our office. 

Because we are different than most dental practices and have our own in-house denture lab, your dentures and denture repairs are completed right in the office. 

This means that your Doctor and Lab Technician will work hand in hand with you to craft a smile you can be proud of, with fewer visits and faster turnaround times. 

Quality, Craftsmanship, & Choice 

To achieve a natural and comfortable fitting denture you must have quality materials, craftsmanship and choices for your new smile.

Our Methods for Quality 

At NuLife Dental we fabricate our dentures two ways, to ensure quality while maintaining affordability.

  • Cold Pour Process - The industry standard for making quality dentures. We use a pourable acrylic which provides reliability and durability. Our cast partials, Classic Denture, and Choice Dentures are made this way.

  • Heat Injected Process - State of the Art, advanced method for crafting Dentures. We inject acrylic into a custom-made mold under high pressure and heat. This makes the denture, stronger, denser, and a more accurate fit. 

Our Craftsmanship

All our dentures are made in office. Our Doctor and Lab technician work hand in hand on each denture to make sure we can bring your ideal smile to reality. Because we make our dentures in office, you will be able to participate in each step of the process giving us your thoughts and choosing what is best for you! 

Our Choices 

We offer several different options for full and partial dentures. This allows you to choose a smile that fits your personal budget. 

Removable Dentures

If you’re considering dentures, the process calls for us to take a mold or impression of your mouth. This helps us make the perfect denture just for you. Following this, Dr. Hoover extracts any remaining teeth. After extractions, you may be fitted for a temporary denture until your permanent denture is complete. 

At NuLife Dental, we offer three different styles of complete dentures with varying price points.

Now offering 20% off all our dentures.

NuDent: Upper or Lower 

  • 7 Year Warranty 
  • Premium Quality teeth with 16 Stain-resistant shade choices 
  • Heat Injected custom made for the lightest, most comfortable and durable denture
  • Crafted to be the most natural looking and aesthetically pleasing
  • Annual Denture Cleaning

Originally: $1899

Now: $1519.20



ChoiceDent: Upper or Lower 

  • 3 Year Warranty 
  • High quality wear resistant materials 
  • Individually crafted details for a natural appearance 
  • Cold Pour with pigment to simulate natural tissue. 
  • 3 Tooth Shade Choices 

Originally: $1599

Now $1279.20



Classic Denture: Upper or Lower 

  • 1 Year Warranty 
  • 3 Tooth Shade Choices 
  • Traditional Cold pour with pigmented tissue

Originally: $1199

Now: $959.20


Partial Dentures

Artificial but life-like teeth are planted across a partial denture to fill in for any missing natural teeth. The partial denture then relies on your natural teeth as anchors to keep it in place. The result is a seamless smile.

A partial denture is a good option if you have several missing teeth and simply need to fill in these gaps with restorations.

At NuLife dental we custom design your partial denture specifically for you and, like our full dentures, we create partial dentures right here in our Orlando, FL dental office. Additionally, we have several options to choose from.


Cast Partial: Upper or Lower 

  • 1 Year Warranty 
  • High quality wear resistant materials 
  • Cold Pour with pigment to simulate natural tissue

Originally: $1899 

Now: $1519.20




Cast Combo: Upper or Lower 

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Annual Cleaning 
  • Premium quality teeth with 16- stain resistant teeth
  • Heat injected for the thinnest, most natural looking gum tissue
  • Gum Tissue Clasps for natural aesthetic look. 

Originally: $1699 

Now: $1439.20



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